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SharePoint Intranet – Charitable Organisation

An interesting project arose whilst working for Core Technologies as I was involved working as project lead and design developer on a new intranet using SharePoint 2010 for a charitable organisation. The aim of the project was to redevelop an old and outdated intranet which had been based on a Xerox product called DocuShare. We introduced new features that encouraged sharing, collaboration and knowledge... Continue reading

SharePoint Intranet – Oil and Gas Consultancy

Another key part of my work with the multinational oil and gas consultancy for Core Technologies was being project lead and design developer on their departmental intranet using SharePoint 2010. The client had been using an old intranet site to display complex Excel worksheets (called design tools) along with AutoCad and MathCad technical drawings. This system was adequate in terms of file search... Continue reading

SharePoint Website – Oil and Gas Consultancy

One of the key clients for Core Technologies was a multinational oil and gas consultancy. They had just undergone a rebranding exercise and wanted a new website to reflect the change. I worked as a project lead and design developer on a public facing SharePoint 2010 website for them. They chose SharePoint as the platform as they had an existing SharePoint 2010 server farm being used for a small internal... Continue reading

SharePoint Website – Software Service Company

During my time working for Core Technologies I worked as a project lead and design developer on a public facing SharePoint 2010 multilingual website for a small multinational software service company. The client required the development of a website that engaged potential new customers in multiple countries and languages. The website needed to provide quick access to pertinent information and, most... Continue reading