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The Importance of Branding in Custom SharePoint 2010 Solutions – Part 1

design + code = love

Custom branding in SharePoint should not start and end with master pages, layouts and style sheets or making things look “pretty”. Anything that is customised should retain some level of branding consistency and the next two blog posts will explain what I mean. Branding should encompass text as well as visual imagery. This can be website, or intranet content, but also administrative text such as... Continue reading

New Photo – Frosty

Frosty, a photo by cowboyuk80 on Flickr. Popped out for a brief walk in the cold yesterday to take advantage of the amazing frosty conditions. Was forced back in when my hands almost dropped off! Can hopefully get some more wintery shots when the snow stops this weekend. Continue reading

Beware IE Browser Mode in SharePoint 2010

Master Page Code Snippet

All web designers have at some point battled with the pains of designing for multiple browsers to ensure consistency as well as adhering to web standards. One browser which seems to have made those pains more intense over the last 10 or so years is Internet Explorer. There are hacks, fixes, workarounds and scripts that will help any web designer attempt to align their site to the latest in web standards... Continue reading